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Join us for Best Offer Sale #13
Friday MISCHIEF NIGHT Oct 30th at 7:30pm Eastern!
We will have 50 Arcade Video Game PCB's & Parts up for YOUR Best Offer, plus Pinball stuff!
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I think you will have alot of fun!

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Item #NameDescription
1 Bally MS PACMAN Arcade Video Game Marquee
2 Atari ASTEROIDS Arcade Video Game PCBs- set of TWO n/w
3 Ten classic Arcade Video Game FLYERS-originalSpace Invaders Trimline, Solar Quest, Smash TV, others
4 Sega TURBO Arcade Video Game Logic Board PCB --Set of Three double boards n/w
5 Technos DOUBLE DRAGON 2 The Revenge Arcade Video Game PCB Logic Board n/w Jamma
6 Atari POLE POSITION Arcade Game PCB Double Boards--2 sets- n/w & 1 bonus top board thats damaged
7 SNK NEO GEO 2 slot PCB Boards--work but have issues...2 sets
8 Williams PCB for Stargate/Defender/Robotronm/Defender-5 incomplete boards
9 PINBALL ART--130 page large picture book--very nice
10 Midway NBA Jam Plastic TOPPER for arcade Game
11 5 Various PCB Boards-n/w-Double Dribble-2 Poker bds-Greyhound that works & one more to be announced
12 Bally BLACKWATER 100 Pinball Machine Translight
13 Namco CLASS OF 81 Arcade Game Licensed Jamma PCB Board--with VGA connection-Like NEW
14 Midway GALAGA Arcade Video Game Boardsets--almost complete--2 sets
15 Taito DOUBLE DRAGON Arcade Video Game control panel overlay
16 Atari System 1 Main PCB Board (marble madness, Road Blasters, Indy Jones) Missing Graphics
17 Midway MORTAL KOMBAT 2 Arcade Video Game PCB--dead as a doornail
18 Atari ASTEROIDS DELUXE Arcade Video Game Willis artwork overlay
19 Sixty 45rpm Records--various artists--i will read some of them on camera
20 VINTAGE JUKEBOXES--large picture book--127 pages--very nice
21 Midway PACMAN Arcade Video Game PCB Boards---set of ten n/w
22 US CLASSICS GOLF PCB works, GOLDEN TEE GOLF PCB stuck in test, and (TBA)
23 Gottlieb WORLD CHALLENGE SOCCER Pinball Machine Translight
24 Konami RUSHING HEROES Arcade Game PCB works--missing graphics
25 Midway SUPER PACMAN Arcade Video Game PCB clean but n/w
26 Sega STARSHIP TROOPERS Pinball Machine brand new Translight mylar backglass
27 Ten Classic Arcade Video Game FLYERS-Space Dungeon, Sundance, Sonar, Satans Hollow, etc
28 Universal MR DOS CASTLE Arcade Video Game PCB
29 Atari VIDEO PINBALL Arcade Video Game PCB--marked Bad
30 Midway Terminator 2 Arcade Video Game PCB--works-bad sound T2
31 Sega HANG ON Arcade Game Boardset--untested-some socketed chips missing
32 Taitro ARKANOID Complete Control Panel with controller
33 Control Panel with two Wico leaf switch joysticks
34 Atari AR1 POWER SUPPLY--for Pole Position-Asteroids-Deluxe Asteroids-Kangaroo-WORKS
35 Konami MAIN EVENT Arcade Video Game PCB-works-no sound (pot missing)
36 TEN Arcade Video Game MONITOR Manuals--various
38 Konami THE SIMPSONS Arcade Video Game PCB--dead
39 Atari SPACE DUAL & ASTEROIDS Arcade Game PCBs--N/W
40 Capcom STREET FIGHTER 2 CHAMP TURBO hard plastic marquee
41 Konami BLADES OF STEEL Arcade Video Game PCB --WORKS!
42 Konomi RUN & GUN Arcade Video Game PCB- set of two - nw
43 WHAT IS IT Arcade Video Game PCBS--set of 5...they look okay
44 Cartoon Cel-- BUGS BUNNY "ROBIN HOOD" remake cel I had made for me---professionally framed
45 Midway ULTIMATE MK3 Arcade Video Game PCB--WORKS!
46 TNT Amusements COVID MASK & T Shirt--your choice of size and color
48 Nintendo DONKEY KONG Arcade Video Game Logic Board-clean but socketed chips missing
49 ??
50 Original Mastercrafters 1940s SWINGING GIRL Motion CLOCK-works great!
37 4 Arcade Video Game MARQUEES: Strike Zone, Main Event, & Trivia Whiz (new) and "Make Your Own Marquee"
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