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Item #NameDescriptionSale Type
132 items listed soon!Check Back!Best Offer
23 MOVIE BOOKS from Todd's Collection--more treasures!I Tawt I Taw A Putty Cat-hardcover Warner Cartoon, The Making of Ben Huir-hard cover, and Great Movie Palaces-thick soft coverBest Offer
3Brand New Atari Arcade Video Game STOOL-Black Padded Top-logo on two sidesCommercial Quality-sells elsewhere for $180 to $220Buy It Now
43 Arcade Game PCBS sold as a group-CLASS OF 81, MAJOR TITLE 2, and (announced soon) all non working Jamma boardsBest Offer
58 Arcade Video Game original ADVERTISING FLYERS- from Todd's CollectionBust a Move Again, Champion Baseball, Area 51, Alien COmmand, 280 Zap, Aero Fighter, and 3-D Bowling (early 70's)Best Offer
6Stern SUPER COBRA Arcade Video Game PCBworks greatBest Offer
740 Assorted Arcade Video Game BUTTONS--different colors and lengthsoriginal new old stock made in the early 80's--Nice QualityRight Price
8Midway SPACE ENCOUNTERS Joystick--completea very special all metal joystick...impossible to find...with original controls and wiringBest Offer
93 Arcade Game Marquees-JUNIOR PACMAN, Match Em Up, and Phraze CrazeThe Junior Pacman is real glass, The Match Em Up and Phraze Craze and brand new with the paper backing still on the frontBest Offer
10Ten working 125 cent coin mechanismsclean tested and workingBuy It Now
11Atari ASTEROIDS Arcade Video Game PCBSFOUR of them...clean--for parts or repairBest Offer
12  Best Offer
13Fifty 45rpm RECORDS with title strips in good conditionVarious Artists cover all eras...great stuff!Best Offer
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32Last Item of the Night Best Offer