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Item #NameDescriptionSale Type
133 Items TOTAL including FREE GIVEAWAY of Todd Tuckey Hot Sauce!Check Back!Best Offer
2Two MULTICADE PCB Boards -one has 6 games, the other has 60 games-JAMMAone is clean and working fine--other has minor issuesBuy It Now
33 Power Supplies--screw terminal...cleanTested and working fineBest Offer
4Nintendo DONKEY KONG Jr Arcade Video Game PCBmakes start up sound but no picture...clean and completeBest Offer
5Bally Midway MS PACMAN Arcade Game PCB Boardwith FAST chip...tested and working fineBuy It Now
6Three BABY PACMAN solenoid/lamp Driver boardsThey all power up and work, but have a few lamps outBest Offer
7Centuri PLEIADES Arcade Video Game PCBpowers up, out of sync and no sound but completeBest Offer
8Namco PACLAND Arcade Video Game PCB Logic Boardclean and complete..jumbled picture/static soundBest Offer
9Merit TRIVIA WHIZ complete kit...with buttons/switches/harness/pcb/transformersits all here including power supply for VERTICAL gameBest Offer
10Eight Pinball Machine/Arcade Advertising Flyers --brand newStreet Fighter, Medievel Madness, Indy Jones, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Skeeball, Kiss and DeadpoolBest Offer
11Fifty Assorted BRAND NEW arcade video game BUTTONSbest quality--5 colors ten of each/2 different lengthsBuy It Now
12Midway MORTAL KOMBAT 2 Arcade Video GamePowers up and works, but lots of lines on screenBest Offer
13Capcom SET OF 44 Street Fighter Large EPROMS for multiple boardsIn Capcom box--these were exchanged when games converted to SFChampBest Offer
14Thirty LASER DISCS--mixed--Batman Mask Phantasm, Batman Forever, Backdraft, Alien, American Graffitiall like new--Shawshank Redemption, Sister Act and much more! We will read all titlesBest Offer
15Data East RING KING Arcade Video Game PCBworks fine and then it doesntRight Price
16Five Williams DEFENDER/STARGATE/ROBOTRON/JOUST Logic PCB Boardsfor parts or repair...also one complete Defender ROM BoardBest Offer
17working AE 2451 Mars Dollar Bill Validator--with 500 bill stacker stackerdrop in ready!!Buy It Now
18Ten Midway PACMAN/MS PACMAN/GALAXIAN PCBSassorted daughter boards includedBest Offer
19Three Atari ASTEROIDS Arcade Video Game Logic PCBSunhacked...for parts or repairBest Offer
20Pinball Machine DOT MATRIX DISPLAY--clean and working finelowest price in the world! For any Gottlieb, Williams Stern, Bally Alvin G game 1991 to 2007Right Price
21Five Bally/Stern 1977 to 1984 Lamp Driver Boardstwo work but for parts or repairBest Offer
22Complete 1983 Set of STAR TECH JOURNALS--repair tips-articles-TWELVE issuesFascinating look into the classic game world--great tips!Best Offer
23PINBALL RUBBERS-Large assortment of sizes 120 of them-larger sizes used on Mechanical machinesBrand new old stock-.30- 3/4", 30- 3", 30- 3 1/2", 5- 4", 15- 5 1/2" and 10- 6"Buy It Now
24Bally Midway BUMP AND JUMP Arcade Game Logic PCB BoardDeco board for Bally Game--clean and complete but untestedBest Offer
25Bally Midway JUNIOR PACMAN Arcade Video Game PCBworks great---works in any Pacman or Ms PacmanRight Price
26Two Atari MISSLE COMMAND Arcade Game Logic Boardsalmost complete...clean and unhackedBest Offer
27TEN Merit POKER Dodge City Boardsparts or repairBest Offer
28Wells Gardner working 19" MONITOR 4600 chassis---good pix...some burn inCannot ship ebntire monitor-pick up only...BUT could JUST ship the working fine chassis!Buy It Now
29Data East GUNS AND ROSES Pinball Machine Green "G" Rampnew old stockBuy It Now
30tba Best Offer
31Atari CRYSTAL CASTLES Arcade Video Game PCBclean as a whistle but untestedBest Offer
32tba Best Offer
33GIVE AWAY---FREE! Anyone can play that bids tonight-One Bottle of my Exclusive TODD TUCKEY Hot SaucFrom Billy Mitchell kitchen--autographed TNT Amusements Bottle-FREE to the winner tonight! Best Offer